Price list

The price list for legal services is determined either by proclamation on attorneys remuneration and compensation for providing legal services or by agreement with the client. For contractual remuneration is important the complexity of the legal issue, the number of acts that will be performed in the case, the difficulty of the case etc. We try to find the optimal and affordable model of legal services for each client. In special cases, mostly in the area of family law or in representing agrieved in criminal proceedings we provide the legal services for reduced fee or completly free.

Specific price list can be determined in the following

ways by mutual agreement with the client

paper101 Tariff fee

The rate of the tariff fee is determined by the value of the case or the rights and the number of acts of legal services, which attorney did in this case . The remuneration of the act is calculated according to the Proclamation of the Ministry of Justice no. 655/2004 about remunerations and compensations of lawyers for providing legal services.

event8 Standard fee

The type of remuneration may be agreed for providing legal services in a given period of time or indefinitely, or for a complete equipment case or set of cases.

simple14 Hourly fee

This method of remuneraion calculation is based on the number of hours needed to provide the legal services. In the case of simple legal service, the attorney can deal with the client hourly rate divided on begun quarter hours. Our lawyer´s office provide legal services from 50€ per hour. It depends on complexity and difficulty of the case.

circular8 Share remuneration

In this case the agreed remuneration is a proportion of the value of the matter which is the subject of proceedings before a court or other authority. An entitlement to pay a lawyer arises only upon successful completion of the proceedings of the share value of the subject.